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INFRATEC Consulting S.A.

INFRATEC Consulting  S.A. is a Study, Consulting and Development S.A. company that was established in 2009 and its headquarters is located in the centre of Athens, Greece (41-43, Michalakopoulou Av.). 
The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality innovative consulting services and maximize productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.
Competitive advantage of the company is the ability to find and exploit the most profitable investment opportunities, the reliability of the consulting services and highly trained and experienced human resources. The methodology followed by INFRATEC on Project Management is the primary aim of keeping the best technical, financial and time frames.
The Human Resources Team of INFRATEC includes people of excellent education holding Bachelors, Masters, PhDs and Professional Certifications from top International and Greek universities and bodies. Besides, they possess important professional certifications and experience in Greek and multinational organizations. Furthermore, selected consultants with the necessary skills and expertise complete the services of INFRATEC.
INFRATEC Consulting S.A. offers high quality services in order to cover the increasing needs of the firms and adapt to a global and competitive business environment.

The main activities of INFRATEC Consulting S.A. are focused in the following areas: 

-Elaboration of economical-technical studies and general coordination of the required processes for the classification to the new Development Law.

easibility, Purpose and Prospect Studies, Business Investigation and Financial Studies of Investment Opportunities emphasizing in the field of the Renewable Energy Sources.

-Drafting of development studies, emphasizing in the regional development and management of community and national sources and strategies.

-Project Management for private companies, public sector and Ministries.

-Development studies through Public and Private sector Partnership (PPP).

-Integrated Informational Systems Development, Design and Implementation and IT advisory services.

-Total Quality Management services.

Elaboration of Strategic Marketing Plans, Market researches, Industry analysis, Financial Master-Plans, and Computerization studies.

-Business plans and studies for Tourist Development.

INFRATEC Consulting S.A., except of the whole licensing procedure, development and subsequent coordination and follow up of RES Project, takes over all the required actions for the trading of RES Licenses, RES Projects that are ready to build as well as interconnected RES Projects that are in operation.

Particularly, INFRATEC possesses a significant portfolio of RES Projects (Wind, PV and Biogas/Biomass) around the wider Greek area that are available for sale. Furthermore, the company keeps important interconnections with a large number of potential investors from the Greek, European and International market.

For further and more detailed information about the available for sale RES Projects or in case you possess available for sale RES Licenses/Projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Info
41-43, Michalakopoulou Str.,
PC 11528, Athens, Greece
Tel.: (0030) 210 72 92 339
Fax: (0030) 210 72 92 126

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