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The particular services of INFRATEC S.A. and the area in which it is focused are mentioned below:

*   Feasibility, Purpose and Prospect Studies, Business Investigation and Financial Studies of Investment Opportunities emphasizing in the field of the Renewable Energy Sources (wind and photovoltaic projects).

*    Drafting of Economical-Technical Studies and general coordination of the required processes for the submission under the provisions of the New Investment Law (Investment Incentives Law 4399/June 22, 2016).

*    Drafting of development studies, emphasizing in the regional development and management of community and national sources and strategies.

*    Project Management for private companies, public sector and Ministries.

*    Drafting of studies through Public and Private sector Partnership (PPP).

*    Integrated Informational Systems Development, Design and Implementation and IT advisory services.

*    Total Quality Management services.

*    Elaboration of Strategic Marketing Plans, Market researches, Industry analysis, Financial Master-Plans, and Computerization studies.

*    Business plans and studies for Tourist Development.